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Wooden Number Set


Let children explore numerals and practice mathematics through play with our wooden number set in beautiful rich walnut wood! Inspired by Montessori movable alphabets and number sets, we created a one-of-a-kind heirloom-quality numeral set for families to use in a variety of open-ended ways and enjoy for years on end.

Made from plywood composed of a solid hardwood core and real walnut wood veneer, these lightweight wooden numbers are made of durable, natural materials and are easy for little ones to grasp, trace, feel, and explore as they learn and play. Intentionally designed in a modern, child-friendly font with slightly rounded edges at the corners, prioritizing safety and legibility.

• Full Math Set: Digits 0-9 (10 pieces) AND 9 math symbols: plus sign, minus sign, division sign, multiplication sign, equals sign, greater than/less than sign, comma, decimal point, and dollars sign.

Each set of numbers is designed with love and made by hand in our Ohio workshop from locally sourced lumber. Sealed with organic food-grade mineral oil and safe for children of all ages to enjoy. These modern math sets are a lovely addition to a playroom, homeschool environment, or as a memorable heirloom quality gift to be enjoyed by little hands and eager minds for many years.

Digits measure approximately 2.25" tall, 0.2" thick, and width varies by number.

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