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TroyCraft Mop Handle

  • Made by an Amish family
  • Mop head is machine washable, air dry
  • About 53"L, flat head 11-1/2"L x 7-7/8"W
  • 1-1/2 lb
  • USA made in Ohio. Our Amish employees tell us that many Amish homes have one of these mops. Now we know why! It easily extends to reach high spots and is super helpful for cleaning up after wood-burning stoves.
  • Made by an Amish family in Ohio.
  • Helpful Hints for Cleaning the Mop Head:The better the care, the longer your mop head will last.

Only available for local pickup! 

The Schmop handle is only available for local pick up. The Schmop head replacement is available for online ordering.

Ship direct and include a personalized note at no additional cost.