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  • Rada Serrated Food Chopper

Rada Food Chopper (Serrated)


The Rada Serrated Food Chopper is an invaluable tool for your kitchen, a hand-held chopper that will make many cutting tasks a snap.

This serrated food chopper is specially designed to easily chop any food that needs to be broken down to an optimum size for your favorite recipes. The serrated blades make this particular chopper your go-to device for chopping medium-sized foods such as cooked potatoes, cucumber, nuts, and tomatoes. This versatile chopper is also ideal for cutting up food for toddlers.

The Serrated Food Chopper is made entirely of high nickel stainless steel, with a grip that ensures safe usage and a light weight that makes use even easier. 

Silver. 3" diameter, 4" tall.

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