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Lil' Ones Sleepy Time


We all love to sleep, but if your little one isn’t getting to sleep, you won’t be sleeping either. Lil’ Ones Sleepy Time is an herbal formula that helps to keep your little one calm and relaxed so that they can sleep restfully through the night and during their naps.*

Suggested Use: 

For Infants through 12 Months of Age: 4 - 5 Drops (0.15ml - 0.25ml) one hour before bedtime.
For Children 1 through 3 Years of Age: 1/2 to 1 Dropper (0.45ml - 0.9ml) one hour before bedtime.
For Children 4 or More Years of Age: 1 to 1 1/2 droppers (0.9ml - 1.35ml) one hour before bedtime


Passionflower (Whole Herb(excluding roots)), Catnip (Leaf), Lemon Balm (Leaf), Oatstraw Herb in Milky Stage (Grain, Straw, Seed), Chamomile (Flower), and Hops (Flower)

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