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Kids Stay Dry


Every kid has accidents, so little bladders need all of the support they can get. Kids Stay Dry was created with herbs to support healthy bladder strength and function and to be calming and soothing to help support a good night’s sleep.*

Kids Stay Dry works best for children ages 2-10.

Suggested Use: 

For Children 1 through 3 Years of Age: 1 dropper (0.9ml) 4 times daily with the last dose before bed.

For Children 4 or More Years of Age: 2 droppers (1.8ml) 4 times daily with the last dose before bed.


Agrimony Herb (Whole Herb (excluding roots)), Cornsilk (Silk), Horsetail (Shoot), Plantain (Leaf), Cranberry Powder (Berry), Juniper Berries (Berry), Uva Ursi (Root), Chamomile (Flowers), Cinnamon (Bark), Marshmallow (Root), Parsley (Leaf), Shepherd's Purse (Seedpod), and St. John's Wort (Flower, Leaf)

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