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Hairpins, 2 1/2", Black


12 Hairpins, 2.5" Black

  • Strong & Durable: these high quality stainless steel hair pins are specially designed to last forever - in fact, you will probably lose them before they wear out
  • Fully Coated: each hair pin has a no-chip finish - the nylon powder coating ensures that Marilyn Faye’s hair pins will be the best-quality, longest-lasting hair pins you’ll ever find - Pantone number 468
  • Handmade in Lancaster, PA: Marilyn Faye’s was originally inherited from a retiring farmer in Lancaster, PA in 1998 and since this time, the company has worked hard to perfect the process of creating hair pins and clips that will not only last, but look beautiful and be easy to use
  • No Snag Guarantee: these hair pins are designed with a smooth finish and rounded tips so they will not snag or pull on your hair, while providing a strong and long-lasting hold that cannot be beat by any other pin on the market
  • Use the best! You spend considerable time making your hair look gorgeous - don’t waste that effort - use Marilyn Faye’s hair pins to ensure that your style will look beautiful and stay in place all day
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