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Earthpaste, Spearmint


You may ask, why the name, Earthpaste? It's a simple answer, really. All the ingredients in Earthpaste are from the earth. Earthpaste won't be what you are used to because it is completely natural with very few ingredients. Redmond Trading Company does not add titanium dioxide to make it white, nor do they add any foaming agents. Earthpaste is natural in color - it's how toothpaste should be. Redmond Trading Company keeps it real. As a company, Redmond Trading Company has looked for great toothpaste for us and our kids, but have never found it - so they made their own. They use Real Salt? and hydrated Redmond Clay?, and have added Xylitol and essential oils. That's it. Nothing more. They hope you enjoy Earthpaste as much as they do! 

Amazingly Natural Toothpaste

No Glycerin

No Fluoride

Safe to Eat

From the Earth

No Artificial Coloring

No Foaming Agents 

Suggested Use: 

Directions: Earthpaste is safe to eat. Rinse or swallow at your discretion - either would be fine. Wet brush before applying. For best flow, stand tube upright.


Purified water, food grade Redmond clay, Redmond real salt, spearmint essential oil, menthol, tea tree oil.

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