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The Ball Blue Book Guide to Preserving


This Ball Blue Book is a fascinating handbook for canning and preserving, providing traditional recipes and handy tips for how to use a wide variety of jars to conserve different foods.

This classic volume is a must-read guide for anyone who wants to learn the art of canning and preserving their own food or for old hands who are looking for fresh inspiration and recipe tips. Charts and diagrams will assist you with calculating portion sizes and understanding the traditional uses for different jars. From canning methods for fruit, vegetables, and meat, to ideas for preservative combinations, the Ball Blue Book Of Canning And Preserving Recipes includes a wide range of instructions.

The contents of this fascinating volume include:

1. Preserving and Canning Food: Jams, Jellies and Pickles,

2. Things Every Home Canner Should Know

3. Vegetables

4. Soups

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